Wyndham WorldMark
  • Street: None
  • City/State: Moab, Utah
  • Sq Ft: 260,000
  • Number of rooms/Units: 159
  • Building Type: Multi-family residential
  • Plans/Drawings: None
  • Last Updated: July 02 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date:
  • Status: Work in progress

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    Contact Name Email Phone Role Emails sent Last date  
    Charlie Young cyoung@zwickconstruction.com (801) 484-1746 Project Manager      
    Carl Petersen cpetersen@zwickconstruction.com (801) 484-1746 Project Manager      

  • Description:
    • Zwick Construction is about 60% complete with this large-scale project in Moab. With an expected completion in January 2021, the Wyndham WorldMark Moab is preparing to welcome guests from around the world to visit national parks in Utah and Colorado. Moab is within a short distance of Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. 
      The buildings on the property will be a total of about 260,000-square foot.
      This massive, 16-acre property will hold 159 timeshare units. These buildings are three-story, garden-style structures. In addition to the housing accommodations, there will also be a clubhouse, maintenance facility, pool, three Jacuzzis, and a small restaurant. 
      Being in such a remote location as Moab, the team has some unique challenges. First, they had to identify a qualified subcontractor base. Most of the subcontractors that the team works with are in Grand Junction, CO, which is almost two hours away. Second, they had to adjust lead times for materials.
      Additionally, this property in which the resort is being built was formerly a gas plant. The owner requested that Zwick install a Vapor Mitigation System. Essentially, the system takes the vapors from the ground, collects them, then outputs the gases from fans in the roofs of the building. This protects both guests and Wyndham from any harmful gases and high levels of Chloroform that might be present. 
      The team has done an excellent job at overcoming setbacks and working hard despite the extra challenges and working apart from their families on weekdays. 
      The superintendent of the project expressed that working on this project has been a good experience: “It’s a fun site. We have a great team, a fun project, and a fun place.”

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