Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex Expansion
  • Street: None
  • City/State: Waterloo, Ontario
  • Sq Ft:
  • Number of rooms/Units: None
  • Building Type: N/A
  • Plans/Drawings: None
  • Last Updated: October 28 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date:
  • Status: Work in progress

Suggested Pricing:

  • Description:
    • In general this project includes:
      - Construction of a new two storey Community Pavilion
      - Single storey expansion of the existing Waterloo Memorial Rec Complex (WMRC)
      - Renovations to the existing WMRC, including aquatics change rooms, aquatics offices, fitness core, main lobby, concession stands, replacing area roof and upgrades and retrofits to the mechanical electrical systems.
      - Site works including rerouting existing site services, providing new services, landscaping, hardscaping, exterior lighting and other improvements as noted.
      This project will be completed in multiple phases in order to maintain operations

General Contractor Information:

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