USDA George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) Modernization - Phase 2
  • Street: None
  • City/State: Beltsville, Maryland
  • Sq Ft: 276,109
  • Number of rooms/Units: None
  • Building Type: Corporate
  • Plans/Drawings: None
  • Last Updated: December 04 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date: June 9 2020
  • Status: Work in progress

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  • Description:
    • The George Washington Carver Center (GWCC) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is an office complex built in 1997. It consists of four interconnected buildings and a small entry building. Building 1 and 2 have three stories and Building 3, 4 and entry have two stories. The complex has an approximate 351,805 gross square feet and 276,109 usable square feet. The facility has a Cafeteria, Child Development Center with outdoor playground, Health Unit, Fitness Center, and Credit Union. The campus size is about 73.7 acre which includes an 847-space surface parking lot as well as a separate outbuilding for landscaping equipment and space for emergency generators and fuel tanks. The site also has a photovoltaic solar farm which can produce up to 2,900,000 KWH of power annually.
      The project is for the modernization of all five buildings in a two-phase construction approach. Each phase is to be completed in a 10-month period.
      •Phase 1: Building 1 (B1) and building 2 (B2) and Reception Building. Once construction of the first phase is complete, an allowance of one month for employees  to move in is included prior to the start of Phase 2.
      •Phase 2: B3 and B4.
      •Provide temporary drywall construction barriers for noise/vibration/dust/smoke control; provide the temporary systems such as HVAC, power, and water; and bypass and adjust to allow occupants in the occupies zones and the Special Areas to conduct normal business during the construction.  The Special Areas, shown in bid plans, are in B1 and they must remain in normal operations 24x7 year-round.

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