Tuscarora Crossing
  • Street: Mattaponi Terrace and Tuscarora Ridge Road
  • City/State: Leesburg, Virginia
  • Sq Ft:
  • Number of rooms/Units: None
  • Building Type: Multi-family residential
  • Plans/Drawings: None
  • Last Updated: January 07 2021
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date: January 28 2021
  • Status: Pre-construction

Suggested Pricing:

    Contact Name Email Phone Role Emails sent Last date  
    Greg Galczynski ggalczynski@morgankeller.com (301) 663-0626 Estimating      
    Mike Gassman mgassman@morgankeller.com +1(301)748-1994 Estimating      
    Ryan Sellers rsellers@morgankeller.com (301) 663-0626 Estimating      

  • Description:
    • Tuscarora Crossing Apartments in Leesburg VA.
      This project is broken up into two phases. 
           -Phase 1 consists of 4 stories over a concrete, below grade, parking garage. 90 total units including a attached clubhouse building.
           -Phase 2 is a mirror image of Phase 1 except the below grade parking garage. The owner has proposed two options for the below grade parking garage, one 1 level if they get a parking variance. If they dont, it will need to be a two level below grade parking garage. 
      For this pricing please break out your pricing into Phase 1 and Phase 2. Tentative start date for Phase 1 is Summer 2021 and start date for Phase 2 is Summer 2022.
      This job is not wage scale or HUD funded; however, it is VHDA and NGBS designed so pay attention to Volume 3 of the specifications for the appendices and check lists for NGBS.
      The following contacts will be responsible for the following trade divisions, please contact them with questions and your proposals (please copy me on all correspondence):
      Greg Galczynski (ggalczynski@morgankeller.com) - Divisions 2 and 3
      Andy Woolard (awoolard@morgankeller.com) - Divisions 4 thru 7
      Scott Parker (sparker@morgankeller.com) - Divisions 8 and 9
      Mike Woolard (mwoolard@morgankeller.com) - Divisions 10 and 11
      Ryan Sellers (rsellers@morgankeller.com) - Divisions 12 thru 16
      Morgan-Keller, Inc would like to invite you to bid the Morgan Keller negotiated project  The Tuscarora Crossing Apartments.  This MULTIFAMILY RESIDENTIAL project consists of the construction of residential apartments, 4-story wood framed construction on structured garage. 90 dwelling units total - 46 units in (4%) South Condominium plus 44 Units in (9%) North Condominium.  On-grade and below-grade structured parking.  Shared amenity spaces, offices, elevators, and service areas.

General Contractor Information:

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