Steeplechase Elementary School
  • Street: Grand National Boulevard
  • City/State: Walton, Kentucky
  • Sq Ft: 81,713
  • Number of rooms/Units: None
  • Building Type: Education
  • Plans/Drawings: None
  • Last Updated: January 11 2021
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date:
  • Status: Work in progress

Suggested Pricing:

  • Description:
    • This is a new, mostly one-story slab on grade structure roughly 81,713 SF in size with a two-story mechanical mezzanine. Mass grading of the site is completed with utilities extended into the site. The interior consists of new concrete floors with rubber and carpet flooring, painted CMU, acoustical ceiling clouds/tiles, operable partitions, glass garage door, etc. The exterior consists of load bearing masonry walls, brick and cast stone cladding, composite metal panels and aluminum curtainwalls. There will be an EPDM roof with a combination of metal and concrete decks.

General Contractor Information:

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Project Updates 21st October 2020 09:09:p.m.

posted status: Public