P409 Underwater Launch Test Facility
  • Street: RESTRICTED
  • City/State: Crane, Indiana
  • Sq Ft:
  • Number of rooms/Units: None
  • Building Type: Military
  • Plans/Drawings: RESTRICTED
  • Last Updated: September 09 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date: None
  • Status: Work in progress

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    Update 1:
    Nothing to do on P409 – the job is not issued for bid yet
    Date: March 02 2020
    Update 2:
    It is not out for bid yet – we are waiting….
    Date: April 14 2020
    Update 3: We are waiting to hear from the owner Our bid is turned in already If it comes back out – Eric or Brendan will be in contact for doors and hardware proposal Date: July 29 2020
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  • Description:
    • This project constructs a new Underwater Launch Test Facility (ULTF) to support submerged launch testing and evaluation of full-scale launch technologies. This project requires construction starting in Jun 2020 and equipment outfitting in Sep 2021. The Underwater Launch Test Facility will include the Underwater Launch Pit, Operational Support Building, Warehouse Building, Water Treatment Facility, and Mechanical and Electrical Building. Supporting facilities include pavement facilities, site preparations, paving and site improvements, electrical utilities, mechanical utilities, and environmental mitigation. Using slurry wall construction techniques, a reinforced concrete Underwater Launch Pit with soil anchors will be constructed. The launch pit will provide a controlled underwater environment for not in contract test equipment, hardware, cameras, and data systems. The Operational Support Building (OSB) will provide space for control of and data collection from the test equipment, hardware, cameras, and data systems. The OSB will include a high bay area for Launch Test Vehicle (LTV) maintenance, capsule maintenance, underwater camera and lighting staging area, instrumentation room, and a tool crib. The high bay will provide roll up doors for large equipment to access the bays and will include space for the use of a gantry crane. The low bay area of the OSB includes Launch Control Center (LCC), LCC equipment room, shared offices, a meeting space, restrooms, and building support areas. The Warehouse Building will be a steel structure with an insulated metal wall and roof panel system and an open sided awning for vehicle storage. There will be roll up doors for forklift access / use inside the warehouse. This project includes a Water Treatment Facility to maintain water quality in the launch pit to permit photogrammetry of the LTV. The Water Treatment Facility will house pumps, cartridge filters, control systems and other equipment for processing water for use in the launch pit. Additionally, a recycle pump station will be provided for processing water after testing prior to discharge. The mechanical and electrical building will be constructed to house control and data acquisition equipment and various not in contract switchgear and VFD / motor starter equipment which operates the not in contract test equipment in and around the launch pit. Electrical utilities include primary and secondary distribution systems, telecommunications infrastructure, transformers, and outside lighting. Mechanical utilities include water distribution, launch pit discharge piping, fire protection system, domestic sewer systems, and stormwater drainage systems. Site preparation includes clearing and grubbing, grading, replacement of existing gravel paving, excavation of site, site earthwork, and excavation of the launch pit. Paving and site improvements include grading, parking, roadways, sidewalks, landscaping, fencing, signs, curbs and gutters, trash enclosure, and hazardous waste accumulation area. Project work will be phased. Phase 1 will include the construction of the storage pad within seven months after award; Phase 2 will include shared access to the pit within twelve months after award, Phase 3 will include shared access of the low bay of the OSB within sixteen months after award, and Phase 4 (Beneficial Occupancy) includes completion of the entire project scope within eighteen months after construction contract award. This project includes environmental mitigation at the selected site which includes storm water treatment basins and erosion control measures.

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