Greenline North
  • Last Updated: January 14 2021
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    • This is a NOT HUD project -  but is still tax exempt on materials  (TDHCA). Please have your proposals reflect this. This Project was originally projected Q4 2020 but is being pushed ahead of schedule. If we have previously discussed VE options list them as alternates on your proposal.
      Proposals due back no later than July 20, 2020.
      If you are having issues with smartbid and require assistance please read the FAQ section provided by SmartBid. Here you can update your companies profile, trade codes, and contact information, as well as learn how to submit RFI’s:
      Greenline North Apartments multi-family development project located in San Antonio, TX. This project features 292 units with an average unit size of 928 SF, 9 buildings, and is located on 11 acres. The project has a total of 9 residential buildings including 2 retail spaces, clubhouse/amenities, and pool. This project is expected to start in Q4 2020. More information can be obtained by viewing the plans
      This is a permit set of plans for budget purposed. City comments, construction red line notes, and further details will be added into the plans before a construction set is issued. If you discover plan discrepancies or have questions concerning an item shown within the plans please feel free to send an email and FCL will try to provide an answer to allow you to continue to bid.
      Bidders are responsible for the review of all contract documents, specifications, and existing conditions in preparing their bid.  Each bidder is to review all plans and specifications, include all work shown on the respective bid categories and include all costs for this work in their bid amount.  No additional cost will be considered for work shown in the bid documents but left out of the bid.  If further clarification regarding your scope of work is required, please contact Franklin Construction, Ltd. as early as possible. No additional cost will be considered for work shown in the bid documents but left out of the bid.

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