Garden Brook Senior Village
  • Last Updated: January 05 2021
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    Josh Valenzuela (818) 996-9666 Superintendent      
    Jeff Valleroy (747) 228-9611 Project Manager      

  • Description:
    • The mixed-use project will include of commercial space on the first floor, 394 senior-living units, community spaces including an indoor fitness area, library room with multifunctional space, two general use community rooms, and on-site laundry facilities. Outdoor community spaces will include three courtyards with seating and raised garden planters.
      Sinanian is proud to announce that it was selected as the general contractor for the proposed development known as the Garden Brook Senior Village Apartments, located in Garden Grove, CA. This unique project involves the adaptive reuse of a half-built structure dubbed the “Rusty Skeleton” by locals. The project, originally slated as a mixed-use retail and luxury condominium development, had been abandoned for over a decade, a magnet for decay and crime in the city. This new adaptive reuse project introduces 395 below-market senior apartments, along with 13,000 SF of restaurant and retail space and over   of community and recreational area. The mission is to transform an unsightly steel frame, visible from the Garden Grove Freeway, into a fresh new gateway for the city. Sinanian will break ground on this project in the coming months. This project was awarded a 2018 Gold Nugget Merit Award Winner for Best Senior Community of the Boards.
      Below is the Bid invitation. Please take a look and let me know if you can provide us HVAC proposal. 
      Bhagya Sri Pediredla
      cc:	Bhagya Sri Pediredla, Sandra Imera, Jeff Valleroy 11/25/2019
      HVAC scope has been awarded already. Thank you for your interest though. 2/4/2020

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