First Point Apartments
  • Last Updated: January 18 2021
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    Darryl Embrey (909) 979-9844 Project Manager      
    Richard Hallowell (818) 441-8194 Superintendent      

  • Description:
    • This is a 6.8 acre property with ~100,000 S.F. open space, 179,122 S.F. parking on grade, and 581,472 S.F. of living space. 
      There will be 552 units. 
      This is a Type IIIA podium and 5 story wood framing. 
      This is a private project. 
      There are NO prevailing wage requirements
      This building will be split into 2 subdivisions (A & B), but we want to use the same subcontractor for both phases to prevent any issues/conflicts between each of the buildings so please review both sets of plans when preparing a bid proposal, and please separate your bid for each part (e.g. Bldg A = $x, Bldg B = $y)
      Sinanian is proud to announce that it was selected as the general contractor for the proposed development known as the First Point Apartments, located at 2020-2110 E. 1st Street. The project calls for the construction of a six-story building that would feature 552 rental dwellings above approximately 10,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space and a 620-car parking garage. Plans call for a mix of one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom units, which are described as "affordable family apartments." Architects Orange is designing the podium-type complex, which will incorporate eight interior courtyards, which are being designed by Thomas H. Phelps Landscape Architecture.
      Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately we've already contracted someone else for the HVAC for our First Point Apartments project. I will forward your information to coworkers who have other projects though, in case they have need for an HVAC sub. 4/28/2020

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