Cloverdale Apartments in Winston-Salem, NC
  • Last Updated: May 19 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date: October 16 2019
  • Status: Work in progress

Suggested Pricing:

    Contact Name Email Phone Role Emails sent Last date  
    Maria Harvell (336) 690-3248 Other      
    JJ Patterson (336) 207-3289 Other      

  • Description:
    • Thanks for reaching out to Lomax Construction !  I will be happy to send you a link to the bid documents for our Cloverdale Apartments for your review; however, your scope will be new construction only – no renovation, so a
      site visit is not necessary.  Existing buildings on the  property are being demolished and we are building back with 7 new apartment buildings, a leasing office and 4 garages.
      I am sending you a link to the Cloverdale Project via iSqft  which will add you to my subcontractor database for future opportunities as well.  Please provide your complete company address and a list of the types of flooring
      you perform.   I have also included below a link via dropbox in the event you may find this easier access to the files.
      To price since this is our project.   We however do need pricing just as soon as possible.
      I have already set you up to receive flooring bid the Cloverdale Apartments in Winston-Salem via iSqFt. 
      Maria Harvell  -10/23/2019
      You may use the dropbox link below to review the bid documents for Cloverdale Apartments.   The only security we are soliciting bids for is the Fire Alarm.
      Maria Harvell | cc:	JJ Patterson 11/8/2019
      Yes, we will still allow you to submit a plumbing bid.  I sent a link earlier today but here it is again.
       Please let us know when you will be submitting your pricing.
        Maria Harvell  11/12/2019
      Not sure what you mean by AC installation .  This will be new construction which will require HVAC turnkey pricing – material and labor.  If this is something you’re interested in,  I can send you a link to the bid documents.
        Maria Harvell  11/18/2019

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