City Ridge Phase 2
  • Last Updated: January 08 2021
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date:
  • Status: Work in progress

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    Rachel Antonio (240) 543-9585 Other      
    Brian Goncalves (240) 302-4798 Estimating      

  • Description:
    • The City Ridge project in Washington, DC will be a 1.8 million SF, mixed-use urban development to include eight new buildings for residential
      Roadside Development, which is helming the project, calls City Ridge an “urban village” with a total of eight new buildings alongside the original Fannie Mae headquarters. In addition to the Wegmans, the development will have 652 residential units (including approximately 55 units of affordable housing), 153,000 square feet of retail space, 62,000 square feet of office space, a 150-room hotel, a health club, and a cultural arts venue on the front lawn, according to Roadside Development founding partner Richard Lake.
      Your colleague Jessica reached out to us in early November requesting a site visit as well, and I explained to her that it is not beneficial to do so at this time.  The buildings have not even begun to be built.  We are only in the beginning construction phase, and the project turnover dates aren’t until 2022, so there are no interior finishes for you to tour on site to aid in pricing.  Brian had given Jessica some sheets from our drawing set to assist in pricing.  If you are capable of turning a number around in the next 2 weeks, he can forward those along to you.  I’m not sure at what point we will be awarding the package, so if you miss your chance this year, it’s possible we may open up to award in a few years as we approach turnover dates, but I cannot guarantee that.
      I believe Rachel Antonio (attached) has been working on her packages.
      In regards to your questions, I don’t know the door count but there are almost 700 apartment units so it is a large number of doors. Additionally, we had a bid deadline that was some time ago so I’m not sure if we are still accepting bids for this package. Rachel can confirm.
      Brian Goncalves | cc: Rachel Antonio .  11/5/2019

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