Building 58 Renewal, Fort McNair
  • Street: RESTRICTED
  • City/State: Fort McNair, District of Columbia
  • Sq Ft: 7,814
  • Number of rooms/Units: None
  • Building Type: N/A
  • Plans/Drawings: RESTRICTED
  • Last Updated: November 13 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date: June 9 2020
  • Status: Work in progress

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  • Description:
    • Building 58 at Fort McNair, JBM-HH, Washington DC was constructed in 1884 and is a contributing member of the eligible Fort McNair Historic District. It is individually eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Historical structure. The historical structure has approximately 7,814 square feet on three levels and a basement and currently serves as the Health Clinic for Fort McNair.
      Building 58’s infrastructure is beyond its serviceable life. The facility does not meet current building / life safety codes and standards of delivering world class medical services. Efficient operation is hindered by the antiquated systems and lack of an elevator and ADA compliant facilities. Building 58’s failing infrastructure will continue to impact the health of the patients, staff, and visitors if not renovated. Building 58’s infrastructure and finishes must be replaced in order for the facility to continue its mission of a Health Clinic. Accreditation by the Joint Commission could be jeopardized for failing to meet environment of care standards if not renovated.
      MEDCOM requires services of a Design-Build (DB) contractor for design and renovation of historical building 58 to include all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to repair the failing infrastructure that support the Health Clinic and meet current codes. Scope of work will include, architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and life safety systems to such a condition that it may be effectively used for its designated functional purpose. Design will include planning and placement of all furniture and medical equipment and utility outlets. A separate Initial outfitting contract for building 58 will be awarded at a later date for procurement and installation of all LogCAT C items, Power, furniture and equipment (Refer Attachment D5 for details).
      JBM-HH is situated within the National Capital Region and is a Federal Military Installation (Refer Attachment F7 Bldg 58 Historic Structure Report for details). As a consequence Building 58 renovation will be subject to NHPA Section 106 compliance to be conducted with the DC SHPO. Design-Build designer of record will be required to provide documents and material support to meet submission requirements of these agencies. DB team’s Historic Preservation Architect must have experience with secretary of interiors and 5 years experience in District of Columbia. The project schedule should incorporate time for obtaining approvals from federal and state agencies
      Clinical operations in Building 58 must be maintained during the project. The Contractor will provide a Temporary Phasing Facility (TPF) for this purpose.
      A turn-key temporary phasing facility (TPF) will be provided by the Contractor during the renovation. The DB Contractor will be responsible for design, construction, setup, utility connections and removal of the TPF after medical clinic phasing and transition. Refer Attachment B – Drawings, for the site available for the TPF. The DB Contractor will move the existing furniture and medical equipment from Bldg. 58 to the TPF and storage as directed. See Attachment D3 for detailed transition requirements . Final transition at the end of renovations will be by others. The TPF shall comply with UFC 1-201-01 “Non-permanent DOD facilities. A PRCR and PFD for a TPF defining minimum requirements are provided. Refer to Attachment A3 Section 3.F. Temporary Phasing Facility for site, utility and building requirements pertinent to a TPF for transition

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