333 Main Street Renovation
  • Street: Park City,
  • City/State: Park City, Utah
  • Sq Ft:
  • Number of rooms/Units: 15
  • Building Type: Multi-family residential
  • Plans/Drawings: None
  • Last Updated: November 22 2020
  • Pre-Construction Bid Date:
  • Status: Work in progress

Suggested Pricing:

  • Description:
    • Adaptive reuse
      This scope of this project included selectively demolishing existing buildings and converting the remaining structure into a dynamic mixed-use facility, including retail shops and high-end condominiums. Vegetated roofs, a new penthouse and a spa are among the amenities residents enjoy. Each of the 15 condominiums features exquisite, modern finishes that are incomparable on the current market, as well as private garden space for each unit. The ground floor of the development features eight retail shops and a black box theater for the historic Egyptian Theatre.

General Contractor Information:

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Project Updates 22nd November 2020 11:55:p.m.

posted status: Public