Window Treatments

To price, use architecture plans set, WINDOW AND FRAME DETAILS or WINDOW SCHEDULE. Count windows and view different types.
DIVISION 12 – FURNISHINGS > 12 20 00 – Window Treatments
Quick accurate pricing
13 cents
Per ground square foot
  • Window type, location and window size
  • Material requirement
  • Removal and installation
Supplier/ Installer
Correct measurements are the foundation for a successful window treatment job.
Major factors affecting pricing
  • Window type, location and window size
  • Material requirement
  • Removal and installation
The building owner purchases window treatment 70% of the time. The general contractor will not have an opportunity to bid the scope, nor select a subcontractor. The owner has window blinds or shades covered using their interior designer.
Statistics B

Use this window treatment pricing guide to determine what to charge your customers.

Window Treatments

Control light coming in through windows, as well as visibility, both inside and out. Add privacy and appeal, insulate windows, and receive higher energy efficiency. The average bid price per building is $3,500, this building would be 30,000 square feet. Window count unknown

Per window

Common materials- Vinyl, Metal, Plastic, Aluminum. Mini Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Roller blinds, Venetian blinds – Cheap popular brands- Hampton Bay, Achim and Expensive brands- Hunter Douglas , Somfy. Blinds are the most affordable window treatment type.

Per 6 Feet
Curtains and Drapes

Roller Window Shades, Motorized Shades, Matchstick Shades, Top Down, Bottom Up Shades,

Per window shade

Determine whether you want to hang your blinds on the inside or outside of your window casings. Installation materials like mounting brackets 8, screws and power drills are usually provided by the professional installation team. Each window takes roughly 30 minutes to install.

Per window
Window Treatment Control System

Window Treatment Operating Hardware

Measuring tips

Measure carefully with a 1″ steel tape, record all measurements in inches ( not feet and inches), for multiple window combinations, measure each window, consider rod placement.

Window styles

Double hung, Double hung- Transom, Double hung-Pair, Double hung-Pair,/Transom, Double hung-Pair/Arch, Double hung-Pair/Eyebrow, Double hung-Pair/Eyebrow Palladian, Double hung- Triple, Double hung- Triple/Eyebrow, Double hung- Quadruple, Basic picture, Basic picture-Tripe, Basic picture-Tripe/Transom, Picture-Side casements, French Door-Single, French Door-Double,French Door-Double/Sidelights, Gliding door-Double,

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