Framing Drywall

To price, use architecture plans set, Wall Type Schedule, Section 092600, Section 09255, and Section 092117 for gypsum board systems
09 – Finishes-09 2000 – Plaster and Gypsum Board
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Per building ground square foot

09 20 Cold Formed Framing, Exterior Sheathing, Gypsum Board, Acoustical

Supplier/ Installer
Product Data: Manufacturer’s published descriptive literature for gypsum board types, trim accessories, and control joints
Major factors affecting pricing
  • Gypsum plaster boards saves construction time.
  • It’s a solution with lower impact on environment.
  • Gypsum plaster offers ease of application.
Purchased at pre construction bid due date 60% and purchased 40% during construction phase
Statistics B

Use this framing and drywall pricing guide to determine what to charge your customers.

Drywall subs include standard carpentry items like framing and blocking, acoustical ceiling, FRP and Insulation Services typically goes through our Drywall Subcontractor. We do not typically buy insulation direct.

Framing & drywall scope

Davis Bacon Prevailing wage classification- Drywall hangers

Typically interior metal stud framing for interior walls. 09 2240 – Non-Load-Bearing Wall Framing. 05 4100 – Structural Metal Stud Framing

Gypsum Board Products

Ends square cut and edges tapered, Gypsum Board at Non-Rated Assemblies: 1/2 inch thick. Gypsum Board at Fire-Resistive Rated Assemblies: 5/8 inch thick, UL labeled, Mold-Resistant Interior Panels. ProSTUD and Trakloc Drywall Framing Systems

Ceiling Tiles

archway and ceiling framing kits

Fire rated assemblies

07 8400 – Firestopping & Fire-Resistive Joint Systems – for fire-rated caulks and sprays

Drywall Accessories

Drywall Installation Accessories, Plaster Trowels, Texture Sprays. securing steel studs during the installation of a non-load bearing wall.

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