Easily find and subscribe to data in the cloud


Intelconstruct Data Exchange makes it easy to 

securely find, and access data. 

Qualified datasets include commercial building 

general contractors, and other businesses 

supporting in the building construction industry.



How it works

Once subscribed to a data product, you can use an Intelconstruct Data Exchange API to load data directly into your CRM, or Business intelligence and analytics platform or manually download a csv file. 

Infuse any workflow or to central data and business processes in one location with trusted general contractor and supporting construction organizations.


Our 11 data sets are centralized around company firmographic and technographic attributes.  Our datasets are classified into 8 categories: General contractors,  Builders Exchange, Associated General Contractors, Business Journals, Minority Development Supplier Council,  Building Housing Port Authority, Laborers Union, and  Construction Projects.

  • Commercial Building Construction Organizational Entity data (U.S). 
  • Commercial Building Construction Organization Entity data (Canada)
  • Commercial Building Construction Organization Entity data (United Kingdom)
  • Commercial Building Construction company intelligence data (Out of Business)
  • Builders Exchange Organization Entity data 
  • The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Organization Entity data, Business Journals Organization Entity data
  • Minority Supplier Development Council Organization Entity data
  • Building Housing Port Authorities Organization Entity Data
  • Laborers Union Organization Entity Data
  • Historical and Active USA Commercial Building construction projects 
  • Historical and Active Canada Commercial Building construction projects



Quickly find construction market organizational data in one place

You can easily find, subscribe to, access and integrate data products from the Intelconstruct data exchange.  Stay up-to-date with signal notifications as we update data fields daily. 

intel construct secure

Data integrity assurance

Automated cleaning and manual human data quality checks catch potential issues in each dataset.   


Traditional and intelligent data provider

The creating, curating, and updating of our datasets use advances in AI technology to produce data sets that automatically grow and improve daily.  We also implement manual data collection and have teams dedicated to researching and updating company firmogrpahic and technographic data points.